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Population overview
Rohe overview

The table below details the population of six rohe covering New Zealand. These rohe are based on Te Puni Kōkiri’s six administrative regions.

Within this site, full profiles are provided for each of these rohe.

For the rohe boundaries and details on how each rohe is defined, go to the “Maps” section of the site.

Rohe population overview, 2013
RoheMāori population% of NZ Māori populationTotal Rohe population% of NZ population% of total Rohe population
Tāmaki Makaurau167,27125.01,431,39333.711.7
Te Tai Hauāuru137,40620.5883,21220.815.6
Te Taitokerau47,9797.2151,6893.631.6
Te Waipounamu86,07012.9867,36320.49.9
New Zealand668,715100.04,242,051100.015.8

Source: Statistics New Zealand, Census of Population and Dwellings 2013.

Rohe population overview, 2013
Rohe population overview, 2013 Population, Te Waipounamu - Rohe: 12.9% Population, Te Taitokerau - Rohe: 7.2% Population, Te Tai Hauāuru - Rohe: 20.5% Population, Waikato-Waiariki - Rohe: 24.3% Population, Tāmaki Makaurau - Rohe: 25.0% Population, Ikaroa-Rāwhiti - Rohe: 10.1%
Source: Statistics New Zealand, Census of Population and Dwellings, 2013.