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Te Puni Kōkiri
Notes - population types

All population and demographic data in this Iwi and Rohe Profile is sourced from Statistics New Zealand.

The most comprehensive count of the New Zealand population is derived from the Census of Population and Dwellings, conducted by Statistics New Zealand (Tatauranga Aotearoa) every five years. It is an official count of all people and dwellings in New Zealand on census night, and collects details of the characteristics of New Zealand's population. The Statistics Act 1975 prescribes that a census be conducted every five years and provides a basic outline of census content, though questions can and do change over time. The last New Zealand census was conducted on March 5 2013.

Census statistics are used as the basis for estimating the population at national and regional levels, for electoral purposes and the distribution of government funds. They are used by individuals and organisations in the public and private sectors for planning, administration, research and decision making.

Populations are estimated in various ways. It is important to understand how a population has been derived when you are using the data.

Census data in the Iwi and Rohe Profile sections of® is predominantly based on usual residence data, while some household and dwelling information is based on place of enumeration.

Usual residence population

Usual Residence is the main method of assessing the population in the Census. Because of this it is used as the default option in®, and all data relating to individuals is presented based on their usual residence.

Enumerated population

This population counts people where they are on Census night, regardless of whether it is their usual address or not. Enumerated population is not used for most of the profile topics, however topics concerning households and dwellings have to use a form of enumerated data, as households which are away from their usual address on Census night don’t have their household characteristics recorded at their place of usual residence.